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Xfusion Media is the hands down leader in mobile apps and mobile websites. From light weight brochure mobile apps to enterprise level mobile apps integrating back end systems, Xfusion Media is the app partner that can scale with your needs as your organization grows it's mobile app presence and matures in capabilities needs- Gary Turner - Turner Media Group


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What we are!

What is Xfusion?

Definition of fusion: fu·sion :ˈfyo͞oZHən/ noun “the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.”

Xfusion is the convergence of :

  • Content
  • Commerce
  • Community
  • Communication

Xfusion is the joining of:

  • Digital Agency
  • Advertisers & Sponsors
  • Teams/Schools/Clubs or other non-profit organization
  • Mobile App Network
  • Website Network
  • High energy

The result is:


Star-image-red-30x30 Teams/Schools/Clubs or other non-profit organizations (publishers) can now be connect to local, regional, national and international advertises and sponsors and migrate away from nickel & dime fundraising to attain the revenue needed to run their programs

Star-image-red-30x30 Mobile apps, websites and physical premises are converted to revenue beast!


Star-image-red-30x30 Coaches and leaders can focus on coaching and leading their organization


Star-image-red-30x30Teams/schools/clubs & non profits get professional digital agency representation


Star-image-red-30x30Advertisers/Sponsors can now tap into the core community audiences to build brand and drive the revenue they desire.


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Since 2012, Xfusion Media has been turning ideas, dreams and business processes into mobile based solutions. Our Innovation Team has published thousands of mobile apps in a true partnership with our clients.

Our team has a relentless pursuit of making your organization effective by going mobile and putting your team, club, organization or business in the pockets of your stake holders 24 hours a day, seven days a week through mobile apps.

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Xfusion Media has solutions for dozens of organizations that include:

  • Sports Teams / Clubs - youth to pros
  • Non Profit Mobile Apps
  • Association Mobile Apps
  • Church Mobile Apps
  • Event Mobile Apps
  • Enterprise Mobile Apps
  • Retail Small Business Mobile Apps
  • Service Business Mobile Apps
  • Network Marketing and MLM Mobile Apps
  • Product Mobile Apps
  • Support Mobile Apps
  • Fundraising Mobile Apps
  • Artist & Performer Mobile Apps
  • Sorority & Fraternity Mobile Apps
  • Personality & Celebrity Mobile Apps
  • Many more... if you don't see it on the list, just ask




Make money now

Get Started Now!

Xfusion has the sponsors and the sponsorship programs to make your team/school/club or organization the vital revenue you need now. Click here to get started now.

Vast Customer Base of Advertisers

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As a digital agency we have tons of existing advertisers ready to connect with you as a publisher to your audience. The programs include:

  • Website banners
  • Mobile app push notifications
  • Mobile app in app sponsorship
  • Mobile discount eCard apps
  • On premise banners (where applicable)
  • email marketing campaigns
  • Social media campaigns

Click here to get started today!